about me

Serving the nation...


Over 40 years of experience in graphic arts creating cartoon illustrations (specializing in children's bible stories), text books, activity books, slide show presentations, television, 2D animation, cover designs, box wrap designs, newspaper ads, web design, photography, videography, photo retouching, digital effects, interactive CD-ROM, and so much more!

I've worked for WRBL TV3 in Columbus, Georgia, I also worked for World Book Encyclopedia, Encyclopedia Britannica, Scott Foresman Publishers, Tyndale House Publishers, Sega, Nintendo and Atari, and businesses both large and small.


I've been a full time free lancer since 1979, and have loved every day of it.


I'm a Vietnam veteran. I was with the 1st Infantry Division and served first as a rifleman and later as a machine gunner. I extended my tour for 6 months and went to aviation to be a helicopter door gunner.


I served in country from June 1966 until January 1968, a total of 18 months. I held the rank of sergeant and have been awarded the Bronze Star, the Army Air Medal, the Army Commendation Medal, the Combat Infantry Badge, Aircrew Badge and others.